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Information relating to the making of bows for stringed instruments

A brief history of the bow as a playing tool

Violin bowThe article below was written by Stefan Hersch and appeared on the old Soundpost Online website (not available any more). It gives an excellent review of the history of the modern bow and the how it developed through time.


Bitten by the bug

I recently had a bad experience when I rehaired a bow for a client just for her to bring it back after about a month with several hair chewed off by carpet beetle larvae. This is normally not a problem with active players, since the little critters hate light. But if a bow is left in an old case for any length of time they will take their chance. I therefore decided to post an article on the subject and came across this one at Johnson String Instruments' website.


Pernambuco and the CITES Appendix II listing

A well-written article on the CITES listing of pernambuco and its affect on players and makers. A letter by the United States Department of the Interior on the subject can be downloaded by registered users here.

By: Alex W. Grant 

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