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All information related to the buying or selling of stringed instruments

How to buy a cheap violin

ViolinThe vast majority of the phone calls that I (and many violin makers, I suspect) get on a daily basis are parents looking to buy a cheap violin for a child that wants to start taking lessons. Here is some advice that I normally give them.



What size violin is right for me?

Child violin playerI often come across children that play on violins that are too big or too small for them. This is bad for their technique and ruins their playing experience. So what size is right? It is fortunately quite easy to determine with a single measurement. 


Play it again, Vieuxtemps. But for $18 million?

This article appeared in the NY Times recently and was written by Tom Hundley. The mind boggles...

After playing a few notes on the celebrated Vieuxtemps violin some years ago, Ruggiero Ricci, the American virtuoso, is said to have offered to trade his wife for the instrument.

After playing the Vieuxtemps, Mr. Quint said the instrument had “this ferocious power, this incredible beauty.”


Nice viola for sale

I have recently been asked to assist in selling a nice viola. The owner is asking R5000 and I think it is a pretty good buy at that price. It was made in the 1960s in Germany by the Conrad Götz factory and is in excellent playing condition. It will be perfect for an advanced student or amateur performer. You can see some pictures here. Please contact me if you are interested or know of someone that might be.

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