Kavakos on Del Gesù and Stradivari


This is a quote from Leonidas Kavakos from the January 2009 Strad magazine:

Image"A great instrument is one that inspires the player to different directions in their playing, but doesn't force them to certain directions. That's the problem with many instruments by 'Del Gesù', and why if I was able to have one I probably wouldn't. This isn't the same with Stadivaris, although they have their own problems. Some are too bright and don't offer you the darkness of a 'Del Gesù'. Many Sradivaris have a silvery sound that is penetrating, with beautiful harmonic overtones. I've played quite a few violins by 'Del Gesù' and I find that with few exceptions, they direct the player to a certain approach and that is something I don't like. The instrument has to able to offer freedom." 




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