Violin for sale

Violin for saleI have received a nice violin that is for sale. It is probably from the late 19th century with a beautiful highly-flamed two-piece back. Two of the top corners are damaged but that can be easily repaired and does not affect the sound. There is also a repaired crack on the back. It is suitable for an advanced student and the selling price is R16 000 or $2500. Click on the link below for more information and pictures.

Violin for sale


Hackers and Dante's inferno...

Dantes infernoOver the past two weeks I've had a major problem with hackers on my website. I had to restore the site from a backup and clean the database. It took me many hours - hours that could have been spent productively in the workshop. May there be a special place in Dante's inferno for all hackers and spammers where they will be forced for all eternity to consume the junk they are pushing ...

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Heifetz on the state of the world...

Jascha Heifetz"The world is sick - you realise how sick when you hear machine guns while playing the violin at a concert in China, when you see the mobs in India, the drab lines of idle men in Europe, listen to the appeals for help from men of musical talent in this country... We need a doctor, many doctors, and, whether rightly or wrongly, the world thinks the man who is President of the United States is in the best position to prescribe."

-- Jascha Heifetz, 1932


Silent Night for solo violin and piano or organ

In the spirit of Christmas, here is the free sheet music of a fairly basic version of 'Silent Night' for solo violin and piano/organ. I'll see if I can get a more challenging one...


Pachelbel's canon sheet music

I've added a high quality free sheet music download of Pachelbel's canon in D for three violins, including the score and individual parts. Enjoy! (click on the link below)

Pachelbel's canon free sheet music


Violin making video


Historic gums and resins

ResinsI found the following list here. It contains lots of information on historical material that was used in the varnish and paint industry. When you are a violin maker you come across lots of ancient materials and it can become very confusing. This list is quite accurate but not exhaustive at all. Interesting stuff...



Violin joke - practice excuse

Practise excuse


French vs Belgian cello bridges

Cello bridgeHere is an extract from the Accessories 2010 supplement to The Strad magazine. It gives a nice comparison between the French and Belgian model cello bridges, including the effect on sound. It was written by Stefano Gibertoni.

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