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Violin joke - practice excuse

Practise excuse


How her husband wished she played the violin...

Piano fro bedridden

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Seriously, does anyone know the history of this piano for the bedridden? One good reason to play the violin instead of the piano...


Sometimes it is better to just pay...

Image(Click on the picture to enlarge)






Love to know the story behind this picture...


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Is that a bass made from a beam and a drain pipe? In a boat? Why?

If anybody knows the story, please enlighten the rest of us.



Squeezing in a practice session...

Image Really serious players take every opportunity to practice...

A solution for cash strapped orchestras...

Here is a novel solution for some cash strapped orchestras to save lots of money by halving (!) the number of string players they need. Simply brilliant!




Ricochet bowing, anyone?

Gun in caseOr maybe it is just a case of somebody interpreting the term 'coffin case' a bit differently. The only problem I can see is that you'll have to ask your victim to wait while you assemble your 'instrument'. Look at the screwdriver...




Hindsight is a perfect science....

Violin store cartoonHere is a wonderful cartoon about hindsight and missed opportunities...

It was done by Gary Larson of The Far Side fame.

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