Here is a collection of photo essays about building/restoration projects that are in progress or recently completed.

'Davidoff' cello'Davidoff' cello

I am building a cello inspired by the famous 1673 ‘Davidoff’ Stradivari cello as played by Jacqueline du Pré and Yo-Yo Ma. I didn’t take pictures of the very first few steps including the making of the one-piece mold and the ribs etc, but I will try to document the building process going forward in more detail.   More...

Rib Paul Bailly violin buton repairPaul Bailly violin button repair

 This beautiful violin is by the French maker that relocated to London. It had an unfortunate accident that resulted in a broken neck and button. Since the button was not original it was decided to replace it completely with a button graft.  More...


German cello restoration

German cello restoration


 The cello came to me in a bad state — there were several cracks in the back and top and some damage near the endpin relating to a knot in the wood. The edges were also seriously worn and needed replacing and the pegs needed bushing.  More...

Pegbox crack repairPegbox crack repair

The violin has a nasty crack from the A-peg hole to the edge. It is repaired using a spiral bush made from a thin maple shaving. The spiral bush will absorb the considerable force applied by the peg trying to open the crack again.  More...

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