Instrument Making

Coming from an engineering background, I tried to approach violin making from very scientific point of view. I spent hours trying to model a violin on a computer as a dynamic system. However, I soon realised that a violin is an extremely complex object with countless variables that are extremely difficult to model. I decided that an hour spent in the workshop is much more valuable than an hour spent in front of the computer.
I try to follow classic Cremonese techniques and material, but I do not make copies of old instruments. Each instrument is unique and tailored to a specific client’s needs. I also cook my own varnish from traditional ingredients.

The resulting instruments are striking in their appearance and most of the feedback I get from players are that the instruments are powerful, rich and easy to play.

Since I am an advance d player myself, I can really optimise the sound of every instrument through finetuning the setup to perfection.

If you are interested in commissioning an instrument from me, please drop me a message and I will take you through the process.


Instrument Restoration

One of the wonders of the string instrument family is that they can always be repaired by a skilled craftsperson. The art of violin restoration is almost completely separate from making and there are highly spesialised repairers that can perform miracles. In South Africa, however, there is a shortage of experienced repairers and musicians often struggle to get their instruments repaired. 

I have been trained internationally and can perform most operations to the whole string family, including double bass repairs. My philosophy is to be conservative and only perform reversible procedures, wherever possible.

If you instrument is in need of some care, book a free appointment for an assessment and a quote.


Instrument Sales

Although instrument sales is not my main focus, I do have instruments for sale from time to time. If you are looking to acquire an instrument, drop me a message and I’ll see if I can assist, even if it is only for advice.